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Being "cute" is what makes the uke an "uke"
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Being "cute" is what makes the uke an "uke"

  • WARNING! Read from Right to Left.
  • Title: Smells Like
Author: Insomniel
  • Pages: (1-10) 22
  • Rating: R-18
  • Pairing: Thor x Loki

  • Summary: I haven’t actually read this. I’m literally going to read it once I finish uploading it here. 

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Full name: Rossy Karina Torres Méndez
Birthday: March 04, 1991
Age: 23 From: Dallas, Texas
Lives in: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Student at North Lake Community College in Irving, Texas
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite thing to do: hang out with friends, play video games, watch tv, play on the computer, read stories on FanFiction, and make videos.

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