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Being "cute" is what makes the uke an "uke"
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Being "cute" is what makes the uke an "uke"


movie night masterpost! all links work as of august 11, 2014 (if you want to request/recommend movies here)

Final Destination:

Harry Potter:

Men in Black:

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Star Wars:


Step Up:

The Hangover:

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit:

Twilight Saga:



(its back!!! tumblr deleted this for some reason and a lot of you were having trouble finding it so i decided to repost it!! i also added more movies)



thomas brodie-sangster through the years 2002-2014

he holds the secrets to the fountain of youth i am certain of it

I can’t believe he’s in his 20’s!? Mein Gott!

I mean, I’m 23 and people always tell me I look like 15 but this man? Holy crap! He looks like 12 years old!!!!


This is still just as funny even though I haven’t watched Naruto in years.


i could broadcast this garfield yaoi photo onto any or all of the apple tvs in our school right now and the temptation is overwhelming


Hello Kitty Shower Head

Why is Naruto so adorable and a huge Uke?

get to know me meme[1/10] favourite animated movies
↳ The Little Mermaid (1989)

Full name: Rossy Karina Torres Méndez
Birthday: March 04, 1991
Age: 23 From: Dallas, Texas
Lives in: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Student at North Lake Community College in Irving, Texas
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite thing to do: hang out with friends, play video games, watch tv, play on the computer, read stories on FanFiction, and make videos.

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